Thursday, March 17, 2016


So it's not officially the first day of spring, but here in Oregon it is the first day of sunshine after weeks of rain - it screams SPRING to me.
So we promptly went to the farm. (Mostly because we were out of wood and it gets kind of cold in the house when we don't run the wood stove.)
The field trip today included:
Running across the fields - they aren't planted yet, and they weren't too muddy, so the girls explored a bit today;
Cutting daffodils - one of my favorites;
Riding on the trailer while Grandpa drives the tractor. He almost let me drive one of the tractors and then decided against it. Hmmm, I wonder why that is?

Loading wood into the pickup to take home (and yes they helped unload at the end of the day too);
Helping Grandpa with the burn pile - always fun to watch;
And a peek at the beautiful snowy mountains. Mt Hood looked gorgeous today, and we saw Mt. Jefferson peeking out too.
I love going to the farm in the spring!

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