Monday, March 14, 2016

Time flies

Whomever decided to "change" time probably never dealt with a toddler who is used to a schedule.
I would gladly live in a state that did not observe this daylight savings time idea.
However, since that is not the case, yesterday morning I was up an hour earlier than I usually am, and  I got myself off to church to teach the six students who's parents managed to get them there on time. The rest of my family was still asleep when I left the house, but that's because none of them went to bed at their bedtime. Some of them stayed up until the wee hours of the morning. That had more to do with the events of the evening than anything else.
Saturday night was the school's annual Black Tie Dinner, and this year The Girl Who Swims went to it with a group of friends. We spent the day, (it seemed like the whole day), getting ready - first we had to buy shoes, but then my other daughter needed a haircut. So then I spent time at the salon waiting for that to happen. When I got home it was really Go Time - make-up, hair, nail polish, the dress ...

We thought we would be late but it all worked out and the Girl looked beautiful. Her father didn't want her leaving the house, but he acquiesced and I drove her to her friends house. The group met up there for pictures, and for the limo ride to the event.
Our dinner at home was a quiet affair, with only 3 young girls at home. The Boy had also gone out to a friends house to party the night away - kind of the No Tie Event instead of the Black Tie.
And so that is why the majority of the family was tired this morning. The Mr stayed up for the party-goers to get home. I knew I had to be up and alert in the morning, so I went to bed. I missed out on getting the fresh-from-the party news (it seems the kids are most talkative right after an event on the ride home; trying to get the replay later the next day isn't quite the same.)but I got caught up on most of it throughout the day Sunday.
How did my kids get to be so big? What happened to the day when I had one in a baby carrier, one in a car-seat and one in a booster, with big brother leading the pack? I didn't know then how I would miss those chaotic but cozy days of being together.

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