Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Adventures Begin

Our summer time adventures have already begun, even though it is still technically spring. This is the one thing we don't procrastinate about!
In May I took the two younger girls to a nearby park. Since everyone else was in school we had the place to ourselves. After a special treat of lunch from fast-food, we headed to the playground.
We had to throw rocks in the river:
 And there were new toys to play on:
 And then the tunnel - it's always a hit
 And then off to the slides and climbing structures.
 Some of the favorite things about this park - they have the old time play toys still - a merry-go-round, and teeter-totters! The kids love to play on these.

Our next adventure was this past week; we went to an Heirloom Rose Garden with my newly-retired sister. We spent quite a long time stopping and smelling the roses. There were so many varities and so many good smelling roses!
 I could have spent longer there, but the girls were ready for lunch. We headed over to another park to eat our picnic, and then visit my mom.
 But I definitely want to go back. We must have come at just the right time of the month too - there were thousands of blooms, very few 'overdone' ones, and strangely enough, no bees!
Another adventure for another time ...

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