Wednesday, May 4, 2016

All that and more

Two more birthdays happened. Ok, actually a lot more, but in our little house, we had 2 more celebrations. April is one long party around here - so we left the decorations up all month. Even when the house appraiser came to take pictures.
We now have 3 teenagers in the house. And there are days that we feel it. The grocery bill is inching its way up, despite my attempts to keep it low. I am really looking forward to summer and the fresh fruits and veggies from the farm! I have plans to can and freeze and dehydrate a lot of goodies this year!
But back to the birthday girls. The Girl who Cooks is now 13. Hard to believe my little 9 pound baby is this old. She had school that day and track practice, but we were able to celebrate in the evening with all of us at home.
And my baby - my last born - my snuggler - is now 6. Cliche I know, but wow how time flies! For her special day, she did not do any school work (easy to do in kindergarten!) We went out for lunch at Burger King - one of her favorites. We went to the carousel and the park, and they were free to play and run. Then we walked downtown and got a special treat at a local bakery, which we munched on as we window-shopped the downtown area. She told me at the end of the day, what a great day she had.

In our corner of the world we've been working on the upstairs bathroom. Back in 2011 we started this whole remodeling project, ripping off the garage roof and adding on top a bathroom, 2 bedrooms and a playroom. Now 5 years later we are so close to being done. The Mr. spent a couple of weekends tiling the bathroom.
laying out the tiles to start

Almost done
 Track season is winding down. Seems like it just started! My 7th grader is doing great for her first year! She runs the relays and the 200m. She wants to be a sprinter but I have a feeling as time goes on she will come to see, like the rest of us, that she has the genetic make-up of a long distance runner. But as long as she is having fun, right now that is what I want to see.

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