Monday, January 9, 2017


The first snow day of the season was back in December and there was much rejoicing in our household and up and down the neighborhood. Kids bundled up and went outside to play for hours. Cold fingers and empty tummies drove them back inside, and then after a quick lunch and warm-up they were back out there. We parents snapped a bazillion photos of the kids in their snowsuits flying down the hill in their cute winterized outfits, on sleds, throwing snowballs, eating (clean) snow. We relished the peaceful quiet that snow brings - slowing down our days, with no where to go, and no hurry-up, we relaxed and enjoyed the day.
And then the second snow storm hit a few weeks later. My kids played outside for about an hour. No one wanted to go for a walk with me in the snow. Thankfully my visiting sister-in-law was up for it. She's from snow country - Wyoming/Colorado -  so snow wasn't any reason to stay stuck inside. Our days came to a standstill however; meets and games were cancelled. This time we didn't relish the slow-down of our days. We wanted to go places and take our visiting family to places, and we couldn't. We did enjoy the time spent visiting with family, and the no-need-to-get-up-early days. And yes, the snow was as beautiful as the first snow. But after the initial awe, I was ready for it to be gone, and for life to get back to 'normal'. How fickle we humans can be.

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