Monday, December 9, 2013

Another Winter Experiment

Well we have so far survived the cold snap that passed through our little corner of the world.
Single digit degrees! Not heard of in my lifetime - not that it is very long of a lifetime, but still...
No broken pipes in our home thankfully; we stayed cozy with our woodstove working overtime and using all the wool blankets.
The kids' school didn't fare so well. We got the alert phone call late Sunday evening that a water main had broken, and 6 inches of water filled the middle school. So now they have 2 more days off.
What do i do with 2 teenagers home for the day when not expected? Put them to work of course. (In their spare time, the girls hung Christmas lights around the windows.)
A brilliant friend suggested I promote the 2 teens to substitute teachers for the day. So I did. Brilliant!
It got off to a shaky start, since they are new to this, but I think they got through the work. We'll address the whole who-is-in-charge issue if we do this again tomorrow.

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  1. were you able to go away? I thought you could go for a run while the substitutes were in charge.