Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Even homeschool kids have their days...
I mentioned to my girls on Sunday night that "tomorrow school starts up again!" in my happy, yeehaw voice. They were not so impressed.
My 8 year old said, "I hate school." I almost argued with her. But then I decided, let's try something here. I told her instead of doing school for the day, she would work all day. My mind gleefully rubbed its hands together in anticipation of all the cleaning I need done around this house. (I know, a mixed metaphor, but go there with me.)
So on Monday I had my girls wash dishes, all the floors got mopped, the laundry folded, the craft drawer cleaned, the play room cleaned, leaves raked, and bedrooms straightened up. I had plenty more chores left for them to get to, but we actually ran out of time.
Was the experiment worth it? I guess I will find out this morning when I get the school books out.When my child gets into the school work she actually really likes it. But she has heard the line from someone and thinks that school is a drag. So I'll keep working on showing her how fun it is to learn about the big world around us.

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  1. My mom always told us, "Oh, you're not feeling well enough to go to school today? You can stay home, but you have to take a nap or two." We hated naps as those were "for babies." The threat of having to lay down and sleep in the middle of the day was enough to get us out of the house. If we were truly sick, we stayed home and had to nap at least twice. We always got well pretty quickly.

    I still don't like naps.