Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snow day

Winter made it to our part of the world yesterday.
It came in and blanketed our area with snow and ice.

This translates to FUN for my children. School wasn't cancelled but it was pretty light towards the end of the day with intermissions of snow ball fights between classes.
The other 3 girls at home went out as soon as they could and played
until I forced them inside to warm up a little.
They were all back at there again this morning, along with a family friend, to play at the nearby school yard.
We are now warm and cozy in our house playing card games, baking yummy snacks, listening to Christmas music. Later today I will put the kids to work cleaning up so we can decorate a little.
Yep, I have hardly any Christmas decorations out. We did put up some outdoor lights, and a special table-piece. I don't think we are getting a tree this year. Gasp. Yes, there is a good reason for it, I just can't go into it here on this blog. 

 So we will enjoy this special season a little differently than we have in past years, but I have a feeling it will be one of the best ones yet.

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