Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back in it

Well the new year has begun, and we're back to the same old daily schedule, which is never the same because if you have kids and if you home school, no day is the same as the any other.
The beginning of the week was brutal. Tired kids, tired parents, weepy kids, teeth-gritting parents. Over the break we all stayed up late nearly every night and didn't get up early. So when the first day of school came, and the 'regular' get-up-time came around, the no-sleep fog inhibited our brains. My daughter, during math class that morning, said she forgot how to do long division. Pull.My.Hair.Out. How do you forget this?! Well, when sleep-deprived I guess anything happens.
Today, Thursday, I let them sleep in. Wednesday nights are pretty crazy with church activities, so we take the next morning really easy. I even went back to bed to cuddle with my youngest, and ended up snoozing some more. So far all I have heard are giggles instead of fussiness. What a beautiful sound. Two of the girls are in their ballerina dress-up clothes. It has become standard dress for the 3 year old. And we'll be starting our chores and school ... soon.
For the older kids who go away to school ...Monday morning was hard to get through, but the excitement of seeing friends again helped carry them through. I think Tuesday was worse. The Boy had basketball games this week. He played with abandon on Tuesday, scoring 10 points and multiple steals and rebounds. It was exciting to watch! We finally got a camera to take video, so I got most of the game saved. His second game didn't go as well. But it's a learning season and I love to watch basketball either way.
The Girl misses playing - her season is over for now, and she said she kind of wished she had joined up for the city league. My vehicle, and fuel bill, and time management skills are actually glad that she didn't.

And I just thought I would leave you with this:
my sweetie thought it would be funny to change my computer profile picture to this:

When I asked him to please change it, because I didn't want to be seeing that each time I logged in ... this is what he gave me:

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