Friday, January 10, 2014

In my corner

In my corner of the world this week:
I have seen a number of ballerinas in the house. The girls have unearthed their tutus and leotards, and have been dancing to George Winston's "December" album. Although wearing a tutu to the store, or anywhere, is normal for my year old, it has been an exercise in exercising for my older girls -ie. keeping warm in the winter while wearing tutus.
We also managed to have picnic this week. My Little K asks nearly every day to eat lunch outside. As she puts it, "I really like to be outside!" Unfortunately Oregon winters are not so conducive to outdoor picnics. We had to improvise.
Basketball is in full swing for my son - and so is the laundry that comes with it. Her my little helper is trying on her big brother's shorts.

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