Sunday, January 12, 2014


Perhaps you have heard of date-night. Perhaps you regularly practice date night with your spouse. For us, it seems like these are few and far between; mainly because when we have a free night, we usually just want to be at home for once.
But Saturday the opportunity presented itself for G. and I to go to town together, without children, for nearly 4 hours. I would call that a daytime date-night. Or maybe just a date-time.
The ultimate goal was Home Depot - like so many of our dates - but we managed to visit the "other" home improvement store, along with a second-hand furniture store. We were looking for the bathroom countertop to put in the bath of the addition. Oh, yeah, remember that remodel/addition that we started way back in 2011? Yeah, we are still working on it. It is mainly just finish work to be done in the main rooms, but the bathroom has a long way to go. We had a price in mind when we walked in the store, and we looked at the options for size that we had. And then we looked some more, and talked some more and compared the colors we are thinking about for the tile and flooring and counter. Sometimes I wish I could just hire someone to make it look like a picture. By the end of the shopping time I had a headache and we hadn't bought anything. We did however, have a better idea of what we needed, and what we needed to do. The stores don't generally carry any other options besides white in the size we need, so it looks like it will be an online order, or a special order. Which might mean saving up a little bit longer.
But overall it was a terrific day-date. I got to spend time with my sweetie, and we even shared an Oregon burrito from Muchas Gracias - a beautiful day indeed.

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