Monday, May 19, 2014


When owning a house, one does not simply own a house. Sometimes it feels as if the house owns you.
We knew there was a board in the front deck that needed to be replaced. We knew it had gotten wet and was soft and unsafe. We thought that maybe it was because water had pooled under the front door mat. We hoped that it was an easy fix. But when is it ever an easy fix?
The Mr tore into the deck boards this weekend, and this is what we found:
 Not only were the top 3 boards wet and rotting, the under supports were not even supporting the deck. We're fortunate that nobody fell through! So what we hoped would be a weekend project is turning into something much more exciting (!?) The Mr and son tore out the entire front porch and steps, leaving behind the dirt and nothing else.
 For now the front access is blocked by a sawhorse. I will probably set our cowbell outside in case anyone comes to our front door.
We get to pick out a new door, new decking and teach the kids how to install it.
The fun never ends when owning a home.


  1. do you want to replace with wood or make a concrete step/pad with a slight slope for drainage?

  2. Yes, making a concrete slab, and then getting the fake wood this time around (Trex? I think it is called)