Saturday, November 15, 2014


I can't believe I missed it! Writing about my second born turning 14 was one of the moments I was looking forward to - and it happened Three weeks ago!!
   My baby girl, my first daughter, my 2nd child, the one who I gave birth to without any epidural (the only one!) the one who stole her daddy's heart and her brother's toys-- she is now a young woman turning heads and not realizing it.
At 14 I was awkward and strange with big glasses and frizzy hair. Amend yet I met some great friends who liked me for me, and who will still talk to me this day, if I badger them enough. I was a pest sometimes and yet I made it through those days alive. My daughter goes through the emotions just like I did, ups and downs; the fears of the future and the hopes of here future wreaking havoc on her mental state. Just like when I was her age.
So we celebrated her birthday a number of times. Oh the cake we had that week! One day with friends from church, another day with the immediate family, more celebrating with the team and then the youth group, and then a party with school friends. Not quite 14 parties, but plenty of cake and pie (her preference) and sweets to feed an army.

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