Monday, November 17, 2014


It took weeks of planning, numerous emails and phone calls, a bit of decision making ... But we pulled it off. We surprised my parents, which isn't always easy to do.

So earlier in the summer we had a gathering to celebrate my parents 60th Anniversary. It was intended for extended family and friends to come to during nice weather. But my sister and I wanted to do a little something more. So we planned a special dinner with all of 10 of the siblings to come to for my parents, closer to the real anniversary date. And somehow we were able to keep it a secret for mom and dad.

The look on mom's face when she walked into the restaurant was priceless. She thought it was going to be a dinner with just my sister, who drove them. Then she saw my siblings from out of state and I think that's when it hit her, this wasn't just a little dinner.
It was a fun, noisy, yummy time, visiting with family we don't get to see often, catching up on what's happening in other families. And my parents even got a free dessert from the restaurant.
But definitely, the best part was seeing the surprise and happiness on mom and dad's faces.

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  1. you and Cindy did a great job in setting this up, thanks. T&D