Wednesday, November 26, 2014


This time of year there is a lot of talk about turkeys, and oh, yeah being thankful for all we have. I have read numerous articles on how to help your children, or yourself, be thankful! But it really hit home for me this week.

But first, a little of the back-story: two weeks ago I went in to the doctor for my first ever exam-for-women-who-are-over-40. You who are over 40 know what I'm talking about! That lovely machine that tries to squish parts of you into pancakes. The lady running the machine - mammographer I believe is her title - was super nice and relaxed, and just made it comfortable as possible. I left thinking, phew, done for a year.

My week was cruising along nicely; I had vague plans as to what we would eat for Thanksgiving, along with thoughts about my son's upcoming birthday, crowding around the daily feed-them, get-them-where-they-need-to-be routine that fills my life. A week after I had my exam, the clinic called and asked to schedule another exam. My thoughts came to a screeching halt for just a sec until they started galloping all over the "what if" scale.

I'm thankful my husband was working from our home office that day.

He is always able to hear me out and calm me down. It's a good skill for the spouse of someone who can lead herself into anxiety attacks. So I was doing okay, and then the kids started getting sick. It began with a full blown puke-fest at the dinner table on Saturday night from my youngest one, and then continued on Monday with another girl losing her cake that evening. (Weird thought, but slushies and birthday cake make pretty, artistic colors of vomit.) And so I had something else occupying my 'worry' brain as the exam day loomed.

And in a way, I am thankful for that.
Today I was anxious almost all day. It wasn't fun. But now. Now I am so thankful for the good people who work at the clinic. They were very kind and explained things so well; (I must have looked worried.) The doctor came in later and explained that 1 out of 5 women are called back. He explained what was happening with me, and that is was no big deal. And it wasn't.

And I'm so thankful for that. 


  1. I know what you mean. same thing happened to me. turned out the tissue got folded over and made an odd look. they said it happens. but one gets worried and scared for the few weeks until you get it redone and reported. so thankful.

  2. Ditto... additional mammogram, plus ultrasound. Especially the first time, when they have no baseline to compare it with, they're extra thorough. Not fun, but now you're done and they know you VERY well. :P