Saturday, November 15, 2014


Today with social media, staying in touch with friends is easier than ever. Without the Book of Face, I probably would not be connected to a number of people. But still, nothing can beat actual face to face time with friends (or family).
Last night we had friends over for the evening - some good dinner, some delicious dessert, made by my daughter, and some great conversation. I enjoyed just sitting and talking about different experiences and ideas, and sharing our perspectives on life, kids, culture, Africa, etc.

So why don't we do this more often? Why is it months in between gatherings? Football games, basketball games, church events, date nights - they all have a place in our lives, but finding the balance is what I am after. I enjoy people, and visiting with them, not just watching from the outside.
There was an article going around online about introverts and how to understand them. I still don't know if I am an introvert or extrovert. I think I am both. An introverted extrovert. My husband is definitely an extrovert, but by Friday night he is ready for a break, some relaxation. Over the years we have had to come to a compromise about how often we "go". I enjoy going, doing, seeing, out of the house on the weekends, usually because I am home most of the week. And since he hasn't been, he is ready to stay home.So we have friends over once in a blue moon; we go on a date occasionally; and we stay in on Friday nights and enjoy our own little family most of the time.

And an added bonus to it all-the house was (and still is) clean!

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