Saturday, May 14, 2011

Where in the world?

The sun was shining.
My sister had the day off from work. So we took a little trip.
Did you know there was a Boston in Oregon? I didn't!

We went through an old flour mill, a self-tour this time, although it is a state park now, and they do offer guided tours a couple of times a day. We just didn't happen to be there at the right time.
But we had a great time looking around by ourselves.


The kids got to see how an auger and grain elevator work - by using a smaller model and cranking the gears/ wheels themselves.

Further along in the mill they got to make flour;
First they sifted out the chaff.
Then they plunked the grains into the middle of the millstone (yes, teacher took the opportunity to remind them of the Bible verse about the millstone around the neck (Matthew 18:6)).
Next, they turned the stone to grind the wheat down and swept the "flour" into a box.
This got dumped into another box and then sifted.
And then sifted again.
And when it was finally sifted down, voila - flour.


Of course, flour sacks were next in line. Unfortunately we were not able to stuff the sacks with the flour we made. Instead the kids tried on clothing that had been made from flour sacks. Nice eh?

The last part of the tour held a map with pins in it from visitors around the US and the world. That was just as interesting to us (who love maps) as the rest of the mill was.

And finally, this area struck me as very interesting. The wood in this picture is the floor where one person stood and worked, for many years I suppose. It was worn out from the motion pattern this person took to do his job. We could see where his shoes fit in the pattern.

After a picnic lunch on the grounds, we drove home on the 'back' road, and enjoyed the sun shining on the wheat fields and mustard (?) fields.

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