Thursday, February 21, 2013


Is it donut, or doughnut?
Either way it was yummy.
Do you remember Grandma's donuts? Oh, the memories!
Way back in my childhood, my parents bought a donut maker. (I'm going to go with the shorter spelling.) I remember just a few times of it being used. And somehow - thankfully! - we have inherited it. If any of my siblings want it ... we could probably work out a loaner system.
So the two older girls begged me to get a pretzel recipe from the neighbor. And so I complied, because that sounded yummy too. It's winter in Oregon. Homemade bread always makes the gray days better. As they were compiling the ingredients - we've learned from past experience to check first - we realized we were out of unsalted 'real' butter. And I am pretty sure the recipe we had wouldn't work so well with our cheapo margarine. So they dug out the donut maker and 'convinced' me that they could do it.
And they made donuts. Hallelujah.
They've been listening to me cook to, I can tell. They experimented. They didn't want just plain donuts. So they added chocolate to some of them. (Thumbs up) and they tried sprinkles in others (thumbs down). They even added some jelly in one, and at one point I heard one of the girls say, as she looked in the refrigerator, "How about ketchup donuts?"
Yeah, so glad they didn't try that one!
And they cleaned up afterwards. (except for the washing dishes part, but otherwise...) We'll being having a lovely after dinner snack tonight! If they last that long.

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