Tuesday, April 8, 2014


**Disclaimer - I wrote this past last week, and am finally posting it. So read it like you are in the past**

My mom had a milestone birthday last week. but it wasn't until this past weekend that many of the siblings were able to get together and celebrate with her. 8 of the 10 of us, and our spouses and children, gathered at Mom and Dad's home for a potluck and cake.
It was a great time seeing the family, and my 7 month old nephew (!) who I haven't gotten to hold since he was about a month old or so. Just not right. His baby fat and wiggles and giggles made me so happy. The kids got to see their cousins and have a grand time playing.
Earlier in the day I had run 10 miles ... and didn't get a nap in. Not a good idea to jump to a party an hour after running. The killer headache I developed, along with some gut problems, had me in bed before 8 pm.

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