Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My morning

Most mornings begin with a little groaning and slow moving these days. But once I get out of bed, I generally enjoy mornings.
Especially when the sun is shining.
This morning I noticed the beauty in the mundane, everyday bits of life.

Making lunches for the 3 who leave the house each day; we go through a lot of bread!
 Some homemade goodness I whipped us yesterday, oatmeal zucchini bread; it's thick and yummy and chock full of good things like walnuts.
 Our dog is part bovine I think. She loves to eat the grass, especially when I mow and the sweet fresh stems get dropped.
As I watched the dog I saw the lilacs are in full bloom. So pretty, and they smell so good!
 Breakfast and some reading awaiting me
 along with grading. I like to grade the girls' books in the morning while it is still quiet and my mind is awake and working.
I wonder if most people have a morning 'routine' ...

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