Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Did you wonder what had happened to the remodeling on our house?
Well the 3 kids have been living upstairs for over a year now. The playroom is fully functional although the detail work hasn't been done yet (ie. trim). And now the Mr. is working on the bathroom. He got the cabinet in, and the countertop and sink installed. So we have water! This weekend he built the shelf and put up (more!) sheet rock. He's a pro at it by now. My job this weekend was to go shopping. It's a hard life. So I headed down to our lovely date spot - the orange do-it-yourself store - and checked out different tile options.
We are looking at Sand Pacific if anyone wants to look it up. We (and that is a loosely used term here) are going to put tile on the backsplash and up on the shelf. Somehow we will tie it in to the shower tile and flooring. That's the hard part for me - visualizing the colors going together. If I see it in a photo, I can tell what I like and don't like. But putting it together on my own is a bit more challenging. So it's a good thing my husband is patient with me.

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