Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Another adventure

Not wanting to sit around all day again one Sunday we heeded the well known advice offered by our forefathers.
Go west, they said; and so we did.
We rounded up our troops, loaded them in our truck and my sister's car, and drove out to explore a new-to-us park, Fort Yamhill.
The website I looked at made it sound like there would be some sort of physical evidence of buildings that once were at the fort. Only one remained. There were signs for everything and how the fort was arranged There was plenty of historical information. But no old ruins, no evidence that there was actually a fort there once upon a time. And there were no trees, until the very last part of the walk.
All in all, it was a nice enough outing, but not one that I would highly urge my guests to visit unless they were researching for a book.

 I had to throw this one in there because they actually stood still, without silly faces, long enough to snap a picture.

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