Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Wedding belles

One of my nieces got married this past weekend. It just so happened that my youngest daughter was in the wedding party. It was finally her turn to be the flower girl. All of her older sisters had had their turns in cousins' weddings and now her turn in the spotlight. We were a little trepidatious about her ability to get through it without breaking down, but she did a great job.
Earlier she had told me she was scared, but after going over it, practicing, talking it through, she took charge of her little cousin the ring bearer, and she did her job like a pro.
Of course having a fancy new dress and shoes and hair pretty also helped.
The wedding was held in a gorgeous log-cabin-esque chapel with plenty of seating for our large extended family, and friends.
The bride picked copper and turquoise to be her colors, and they were beautiful together. My Mr and the kids helped decorate the reception venue the morning before the wedding. It sure is handy having a tall fella around to hang lights and decor. I think we should rent him out for parties ....

Some leftover flowers that did not make it to any other homes ended up on my table, and lasted for over a week. There were gorgeous, greeting me each morning with cheeriness in my kitchen.
We got to see family members we don't see too often. The girls love seeing their cousins any time!

We got to hang out with two super adorable little great-nephews of mine. Side note, baby laughs are just the greatest. They stayed at our house over the weekend, and we had such a blast with babies in the house again!

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