Thursday, July 21, 2016

What's to eat?

Every few months I get tired of cooking supper. My inspiration is gone, my zeal and any interest in  meals is zapped. If I can swing it in the budget, we usually end up getting pizza or takeout on those nights. This month I did it a little differently. I told the kids to get in the car, and bring a sweatshirt, because we were going out for dinner. The Mr had to work late in the field, so he didn't come along. We headed west while the kids kept guessing. Eventually they figured out that we were heading to the beach.

 We stopped at a favorite park in Lincoln City, to stretch our legs.
 Then it was off to Mos for some clam chowder. Yum.
We even head enough time to walk on the beach and, as usual happens, throw, er, skip rocks in the water. It was a lovely night.

The next night I still hadn't recovered from my lack of cooking syndrome. So we grabbed some takeout and went out to the farm. It was so quiet and peaceful there.  We ate our food, sitting in the back of the pickup, listening to the birds call each other.

 After we were done, the kids got out their BB guns and did some target practice. The Mr got out his shotgun and the kids had a turn learning about big guns. I took one turn too, and once was enough. It hurt my shoulder and I totally missed what I was aiming at. And it's so loud!
I went and pulled weeds instead because strangely enough that was relaxing to me. Cleaning the rows of weeds and seeing my work brought a good feeling of accomplishment.
The kids made supper on the next night! And we had a potluck on the following night. So four days of not cooking helped me get back into the groove. Since my cooking lapse, I've made calzone, grilled chicken, and chili. I've got my hundred or so cookbooks out of the cupboard, and I am looking up some new ideas for meals. I think I am going to make it, at least for a month or so.

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