Wednesday, May 5, 2010

1 week down

It has been one week since we brought the newest model home from the hospital. In that week, we have relearned sleeping, relearned eating one-handed, relearned typing one-handed, relearned when to answer the phone and when to let it go. I've had to relearn packing a diaper bag - I have already been caught without wipes while out on the town. And then there's the bathing - we're eagerly awaiting that umbilical stump to fall off so we can give her a fun bath.

Baby K has learned to sleep longer at night - Yes! 3 hours in between feedings!! - and staying awake a little bit more during the daytime. She has come to like her siblings' voices. They can often get her to stop fussing for a few minutes by talking to her, until I can come to her aid.

And I've come to learn to slow down; I am not one to just sit on the couch, and yet, I have to frequently so I can feed this child; plus it forces me to accept help from others, and my children have learned to help out more around the house.
Just look what this new baby has done for our family already!


  1. I love the picture. Beautiful. We can't wait to meet Baby K.

  2. My late congratulations on the new arrival. We were in TX at the time. Thanks for posting pictures until we can see her.