Monday, May 10, 2010


When do I get to be Me again?
When do the mood swings stop? When do the hormones and the hives calm down? When do I get to be a do-er again instead of a couch-sitter? I want Me back.

Two weeks have passed since Baby K was born. She is growing well - gained an inch in height, and is back to birth weight (90 % in length, 75 % in weight on the growth chart if I read it right). I have a lost a couple of inches in weight and, unfortunately, have not gained any in height. But I am still not Me who was before pregnancy. I long to run again and race the dog around the yard; I look forward to jumping in the car and going to the beach just because. I want to be a wife and a nice mom again, not one who snaps at her kids because they don't listen. And yet, I don't see that happening anytime soon.sleep, sleep, sleep!

My husband made me cry today. I am sure that wasn't his intention, but it happened. Thankfully they were joyful tears this time, not tears of frustration.
He sent me these:
A dozen yellow roses - just because. Just to let me know how much he cares. He remembered yellow roses are my favorite kind. And it was just what I needed to keep going through the rest of the day - a tangible reminder of his love and support.


  1. I just want you to know that you are a wonderful mother and aunt! You have the best children and Baby K is adorable! I hope things get better. Heart you! :)

    ~Mary Giles

  2. Flowers always do the trick don't they? You are one amazing mama! I remember those hormonal melt-downs all too well! The first month is always a blur of sleepless nights and lots of tears! I experienced those same emotions! I'm sure a lot harder with with five instead of one, but I am with you in spirit! Thankfully it gets easier! I'm sure you know that but it always feels good to know every mother goes through those hormonal melt downs :) I used to go in the bathroom, turn on the fan, take a LONG...HOT...Shower while Dave took care of our very fussy baby! I came out feeling like a million bucks!

  3. And did I forget to mention Baby K is ADORABLE! Love those big beautiful blue eyes!

  4. Thanks - doing better today :)