Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ten for Tuesday

Our Family:
1. My husband is running his first ever half-marathon on Sunday morning. I am so excited for him.
2. I am running again. I know this because I actually ran before breakfast this morning. It means I'm serious this time, about getting back into the habit. It also means I have a 5k I signed up for at the end of this month!
3. My first baby is not a baby anymore. My son shaved for the first time yesterday. He would be totally embarrassed for me to tell you this. Which is why I am.
4. It's a parent's job to embarrass their offspring at some point in life. The more the better. Humility is a good thing, right?
5. My oldest daughter is 10. Her friends asked her "what boys do you like?" the other day at a party. I'm so proud of her response, "I'm not at that stage yet." Yay! She is so unlike her mama was in her youth.
6. Teeth are doing strange things around here. My 8 year old is losing hers rapidly. My almost-1 year old is growing hers just as rapidly. Baby K. has 2 on the bottom front, 4 on top front, and one way in the back.
7. The little Princess M can read! I love teaching my kids to read.
8. I was bitten by a dog this morning. It was totally my fault; I stopped at a neighbor's to say hi, and let the dogs sniff my hand, except the little yapper decided to do more than sniff. I'm glad my tetanus is up to date.
9. The sun was out this morning. Gorgeous. Now it is raining. Again. Spring in Oregon is fickle.
10. G and I get to go out for dinner - alone - this week. I have no idea how the 5 hooligans at home will fare with the babysitter. Or rather, how the babysitters will fare with the 5 at home. We've not left Baby K very long with someone else. She screams. Loudly. And cries a lot when I am not at home.

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