Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cross training

I ran 5 miles earlier in the week. The furthest I have gone yet in my training. I've got a 6 miler staring at me this week. So today was a bit of cross training and 'rest'.
Like a Saturday is a rest day around here!
The Boy and I loaded up a bunch of the junk that has been laying around from the construction. It was one of the first sunny, fairly warm Saturdays that we have had in a long long time.
After sorting through the junk for recyclables and actual garbage, the Boy and I headed to the dump. Greeting us at the docking area was a sign telling us all children under the age of 16 must remain in the vehicle.
Groan. That means I have to unload everything myself. All the heavy stuff that we had loaded together became my weight lifting workout. All the light stuff became my aerobic workout as I turned and flung them into the pit.
It was good exercise.
And then I nearly got tears in my eyes.
No, not from the smell (although it was a bit ripe.) I saw a family drive up, back in and pitch over the side 4 fairly good looking kitchen chairs. And then 3 bicycles. And some old torn up couches. Now the couches - yes, I could see they needed to go. But those chairs! and those bikes! They looked fine from where I was standing. I thought, Wait! I'll take those. I know a place that would take those, fix them up and sell them to help the poor. Why do people throw things away like that? Items that probably still work fine? Why don't they check and see if a charity could use them? OK, I didn't see them up close. Maybe they were actually junk. But they didn't look like it. I suppose it's all in one's perspective.
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