Saturday, February 18, 2012

Of work and building

We got to go out on a date the other night! Thanks to the school my son attends - our name was drawn in a raffle - we had a night at Red Robin! Yum! That bacon guacamole burger is so good, And it was nice to just talk and hang out with my best friend. We didn't even end the evening at Home Depot like we usually do!

Today - Saturday - was a work day. After the young girl's basketball game (7 down, 1 to go) we got things done around the house. I finally got out to take down the Christmas lights off the gutters.

We are in the process of transitioning the littlest into a bed. All of the others were in beds by 18 months or so. She is almost 2 and it is time! We start with naps in the big bed and then eventually move to nighttime also.

And the men of the house went to work upstairs! It's mudding time! Which means it will eventually be time to paint. And then order the carpet and flooring. And then move the kids in! They started in the boy's room:

This is a view of the girl's room from the window looking to the closet and doorway:
And then looking from the closet back:
This is a peek into the bathroom next to the girl's room. It will most likely be last to get finished:
Next to the bath is the stairway. Hanging that sheet rock was an experience.
At the top of the stairs is the playroom:
And then the boy's room:
Work has slowed a bit due to the-work-that-pays-for-us-to-live-here. It's busy season for G., so weekends will be the time to work on the house.
And eat peanut butter cookies.
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