Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A day

When I woke up this morning I had no idea what was in store. It has been a busy day and yet I felt as if I have not accomplished anything.
It started out as normally as any other day: make the lunches for those leaving the house; grade the homework; eat my breakfast and get the girls moving on theirs; check in with my emails and facebook.
And that was when everything changed.
Emails can do that to a person's day. A few lines written in another town and sent out amongst the masses can change the direction of the day.
My dad wrote to tell all of us that my mom had gone to the hospital. Of course those first few words can make a child's stomach drop. As I read on and tried to explain to my girls what was going on, I got a bit emotional. My 6 year old asked, "How old is Grandma?" And not in the mind to think hard I said she was somewhere around 76 years old.
And my girl replied, "Oh, she's not that much older than Dad."
And I had to laugh; even with tears in my eyes I could not stop chuckling.
Thanks, God, for the little gems our young 'uns give us when we need them!
(When I told my husband what his daughter thinks of him, he, thankfully, chuckled.)
And so my newly-directed day continued, with numerous phone calls and replanning.
In the midst of this we are dealing with some issues with our son and basketball and school. So there were other phone calls to be made concerning him. It seemed that just as I answered our land line, my cell phone would ring. Or vice versa.
I did manage to take my youngest on a one-mile run. I hurt my toe earlier in the weekend and didn't think I would be doing any running on it! But I was able to go a little and the foot is feeling much better. I really don't want to get behind on my training for this race I am looking ahead to.
We managed to visit my mom in the hospital for a bit, and then I had to rush off to get certain children to swim lessons, prep dinner, pick up the Boy from practice, feed the faces at home, and head out to return the library books due today. In between I washed some laundry and fed the dogs, I think. But nothing went quite as planned.
And at 9 pm I am finally okay with that.
I had my son repeat to me, "I am allowed to make mistakes" on our drive home tonight. And then I had to remind myself of the same thing. I haven't gotten any dishes washed, or finished my laundry; but my kids are fed and healthy; they have had some time to talk with their parents and visit their grandmother. So I can call it a win today, right?
Yeah. Tomorrow - I hope we are much calmer.

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  1. Julie, thanks for sharing about your day! It is truly hard to have your mother in the hospital, but I am so glad God has given you your beautiful children in the midst of it all.