Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Family resemblance

When you live with a person, day in and day out, you often don't see the resemblance of them and their siblings, or parents.
Back when G was a kid, he had 9 teeth pulled out (on the same day!) And his jaw was never the same after the orthodontia he had done.
But during a conversation the other day, he stuck his jaw out and I was struck by how much he looked like our son (go figure).
So once I got them to stop clowning around, I got a better side-by-side picture of them,
See the resemblance?

So of course, they had to take one of my and the girl who has the same hair type as I do.
I don't see the resemblance. 
Of course, my hair is a wild, unruly mess, and her's is nicely showered and smooth ...
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  1. you are right. not as much resemblance. maybe if she smiled. her face is not as oblong, more round/square. but those two boys! Yes very similar!!

  2. But she looks like Cindy - has mouth expression or set of eyes maybe, but definitely looks like Cindy. Sweet girl.