Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Weekend

Yeah - this is about 3 days later now, but I was on vacation (which you'll see in the next post) Mother's day and all you know...
We're off and running again.
The Big Day has come - Miss M's first race. She has been training with me for about a month now. Back before my half-marathon I would take her out once in awhile when I could fit it into the schedule. Afterwards I tried to make more effort to get her out and running. And she was always ready to go.
So this past week we worked her up to 2.5 miles. With some walking. 
I wasn't sure how this race would go. She has never in her life run 3.1 miles.
But this Saturday she did it! With only one walk, because I Made Her Stop and Walk up a hill!
My girl amazed and delighted us.
She kept up the pace the whole time, and really enjoyed passing people!
She ran the whole thing in 31 minutes and 19 seconds. Wow! I think the deal her dad made her at the start of the race also motivated her - ice cream if under 32 minutes. (A car was in the deal if under 20 minutes!)
We had a fun course to run on - the local high school. It wound around the baseball fields, and through a wooded area. Very cool.

We finished together, since the whole point was for her to run a 5k, not for me to PR or anything. And it was terrific. I did have to hold myself in check and not hurry her too much, but she was such a trooper and kept up a really good pace. 

Sunday - For Mother's Day - I didn't have to cook! Actually G took us all out for dinner on Friday night, because the restaurants are so crowded on Mother's Day.
So after church - and teaching some wonderful 2nd graders in Sunday school - we drove over to my sister and brother-in-law's home for a barbecue. It was so nice not to have to cook At All that day! My husband took care to make sure of that.
And this sweet looking table runner -- my sister brought that back from a trip she took to an island I have no idea how to pronounce, much less spell.
But it's a beautiful piece of work and I might just have to change my kitchen colors to match it!
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