Wednesday, May 23, 2012


What do you value in this life? Does what you value here affect what happens when you die? Just some thoughts running through my mind today. We got a link in our email inbox today and both my husband and I found it pretty powerful.
I'm not one to be very pushy but I think this one's good. We've learned all our lives that our actions affect others around us. You know, like in our young school years when we were given the illustration about a stone being thrown into a pond, and the ripple effect ... Well, it carries on into our adult lives. What we do now, what we say now, what we watch, hear, think, feel, act out, vote upon, it all has an effect somewhere down the line. At some point our choices today - whether good or bad - will have an effect on our lives and who-knows-how-many other lives out there.

If you haven't seen it yet, please take a moment to stop and watch it and think about it. Thanks.

And that is the end of my yearly soapbox preaching.

Feel free to leave a comment on what you thought about this video, and if you did or did not pass it on to others.

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