Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our front yard

G and I are considering a new project. Of course, the first one isn't done. When are home projects ever done?!
G is making good progress on the upstairs. He and The Boy and S-girl worked to put on the last layer of mud. Hurrah - texture and paint are in sight!
But the new project we are thinking of (and we both came up with this separately) is the Front Yard. When we moved in here, the previous owners had raised beds where they grew vegetables. It was quite a mess, no grass. 
Over the years we have added and taken away plants. And once again we're at a stage of 'remodel'.
G did some trimming of the wisteria recently - it was so overgrown and badly needed a 'haircut'.

 So we have the wisteria, which we are thinking of cutting back, wayyy back.
The bamboo needs some pruning.

The cherry is tree is so beautiful when it is in bloom.
The arborvitae hedge ... that's one we don't agree on. I like having the hedge of privacy. G thinks it is unsightly here and wants to take it out and put in some other kind of hedge.
Then there are the raspberries. We used to have 2 rows, but it got to be scraggly and so we took some out.
 The front of the house - the bedrooms ... there is a peach tree and rose bush ... it needs help I think.
The huge maple tree and the 'burning' bush next to it are beautiful, especially at different times of the year.

But do we need more color? What about a little seating area in the arbor under the wisteria? Ideas? Suggestions? And nothankyou, no water features. We would like to use our front yard since at this point in time, the backyard has kind of 'gone to the dogs'.

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  1. 1. keep the arbovitae
    2. move the raspberries to the farm
    3. add a bench or two for seating
    4. or maybe a bench swing