Friday, June 29, 2012

Who did it. We'll never know.

During the school year I usually check my email first thing in the morning before all chaos breaks loose, er, before we start school. So in the summer I have been a bit more relaxed and don't always check first thing. Sometimes I actually wait until after lunch to turn on the computer! But yesterday, due to a busy schedule, my husband and I checked our emails early in the day. And I am so glad we did.
Some body out there hacked our email account and sent spam-junk-grrrr-mail to a ton of our friends and family members.  I was a little worried throughout the day as to what information might have been compromised. I went ahead and changed some things on our email right away. So I am hoping this will be the last of it.
But after getting through the worry-and-pray stage, I began to get angry. Why would someone do this? Why? Does this person have nothing better to do than type in stupid things and bother normal, upstanding, (and humble! ~wink~) everyday people? Are they just sitting around thinking up tricks to bother people? Maybe it's just some young kid with nothing to do and time on their hands. If so, I'd like to give them a job. That didn't involve computers. Or else I'd like to give them some discipline. As long as we aren't in Delaware.
This minor blip in our everyday life was actually an impetus to act on something G and I have been talking about doing for awhile. We share a 'family' email account right now, but with various church ministries and outside contacts that don't mesh, we are looking at getting separate emails. And this will be the push to do it. I suppose summer is a good time .. before the chaos begins.

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  1. I had gotten that same email from a friend in Spokane. So he got hacked too. Now am wondering and watching to see if anything else is changed - like credit cards, etc. Did change my email address too, so hope that is all that needs to be done. Bummer!!