Saturday, June 16, 2012


The younger girls were playing in the front room this morning. (The older 3 kids were out of the house.) A helicopter and some little people were involved in the playtime.
The 'monologue' I heard went something like this (from my 6 year old):
"Passengers? Passengers! Please make sure you don't have any bombs. We will be leaving soon. Passengers, make sure there are no bombs."
After a few seconds the girl continued on in her announcer voice, "Passengers. Please throw your bombs out before we leave. Thank you."
((If only it was so easy!))
By this time I am laughing in the front room, but quietly, so she doesn't stop.
And then I hear, "Passengers. We are going to take off. Please stop smoking and drinking and buckle your seat belts."
By then I was doubled over, trying to laugh silently. Because, you know, I always tell my kids to stop smoking and drinking and buckle their seatbelts, don't you?
Where do they get these thoughts??


  1. That just made my morning :)

  2. that is too funny. where does she get her ideas? Has she ever been on a plane to hear the safety instructions? Kids say the funniest things. Love it.

    1. She went on one back at 1.5 yrs old ... so i have no idea where she got this! Which just makes it even funnier

  3. I loved this. Really made me laugh. I'll make sure to not take bombs with me when I'm going to fly.