Tuesday, June 19, 2012

what day was that?

 Oh was it a 'holiday' this past weekend?
Father's Day didn't get the same attention around here that Mother's Day got. Maybe that has something to do with Mom being the one who wants to GO somewhere on the weekend, and Dad being one who would like to finally stay home and relax.
So the Dad in our home got to stay in and relax on Father's Day.
The kids and I got him a hammock - and the kids set it up in the yard while Dad was napping.
Then we woke him up (!) and guided him outside to surprise him.
And he got another nap.

But on most holidays we've learned not to go out to restaurants on that day.
So we took my dad and mom out to eat last night instead.
We had gone to this place for our anniversary last month, and we really really liked it - the service was great, the food was delicious, and naturally, the company was terrific.
We thought my parents would like it too. My dad has German heritage, my mom is Polish, and so the food served at this restaurant should fit them. It's a German/Bavarian restaurant.
Well, the service was not all that great. Thankfully, the food was still yummy, and the company still good.
I think the difference was on which day we went.
In May we went there on a Friday. This time we went on a Monday.

I just need to say, we see unusual sights when we go places. (Thus, the name of this blog!)
As we're sitting at the table waiting for our food, I look outside and see some kids on a bench, wearing boxes on their heads!
This restaurant we went to has a scheduled time when they play music and a full-size glockenspiel (kind of like this) plays in the front of the restaurant. These box-heads sat down before the music began. They waited. And once the music and show were over, they got up and left.
What was that?
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