Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2 year old

Our two year old ... she is a precious bundle of something. This one has really kept us on our toes. Or maybe it just seems like it because we are older.
Our 2 year old likes stickers. A lot. The side of my bed is now plastered with stickers that she found. And stickers are made for sticking on things of course. Just wish it wasn't my bed.
I walked down the hallway after that discovery and found another one - it must have gotten away with her - stuck to the floor. I have a feeling we'll be finding them in other places too.

My two year old also happens to think she is the same age and size as her older siblings. This has been a struggle of sorts ever since she was aware of her surroundings. She wants to do what they do. Often she tries to. Going out the front door all by herself - that was exciting. She tries to go upstairs to the new addition by herself sometimes also. Thankfully that isn't something anyone can do quietly.
Today she found a tube of something that looked like toothpaste to her. I was talking with G about the day, and realized it was pretty quiet, and hey, Little K where are you?!
I heard her little voice in the corner - "Over here."
And I should've picked up on the clues (quiet, in the corner, not coming to find me). When she finally did come over, there was white stuff all over her cheeks, and her hands, and her knees. And possibly in her mouth. A little freak-out moment for mom. She had found a tube of hydro-cortisone cream left out on the counter by an older sibling.
You know, the people at Poison Control are so nice and calm. Thankfully it wasn't a big deal, and she is fine.
I just wonder what she'll find to do tomorrow.


  1. the older ones need to be more careful with their stuff and what they do as there is a small shadow watching and doing what they do. A chance to be a good example. responsibility for being born before her ( each one can insert a different younger sibling name here.)

  2. Oh that is just such a hilarious story! I find that Lucas is so exploratory that we have to be extra careful to watch him. Although I did have a bathroom sink flooding moment with Caleb. Kids sure know how to find things they 'shouldn't' get into!! Haha. Thanks for the laughter! The youngest ones always seem to cause the most halabaloooo!! (at least my younger sister always did!)

  3. now THAT would have been a good picture. i imagine you weren't thinking much of that aspect at the time though...