Wednesday, September 5, 2012


This room used to be orange. I was finally able to upload the pics I have of my 'new' guest room.
I love having a 'guest' room now. It will soon be overtaken by an almost 12-year-old girl but the colors are going to stay. While out shopping last week for school stuff, I came across these pillows and bing - the light bulb moment. They might not look like it in the photo, but the colors pull everything together. Little things like that make my day!

I was able to put my guest room to use this past week. One of the reasons I was rushing to get it done - my husbands brother and his family came for a visit. They live way off in the far land of Montana, so a visit with them is not a frequent occurrence, And when we do get together, oh the fun we have!
We had a day in the park, and then the next day we took off for the beach. Being landlocked, I think they had a fun time. Three times for me at the beach in one month - happy happy dance.
Of course, it wasn't just walking and watching the waves on this trip.
Oh no, there was shoveling and building involved. The guys came prepared.
Over the course of an afternoon (after a filling lunch at Mo's of course) the dad's and 9 kids and one mom, managed to divert a river into the ocean.

And Little K was right in there with the rest of them. Not building the channel, but wallering in the sand and water. She kept saying over and over "This is fun!"
Eventually she was shivering so much I had to end her fun.

Can you see how deep the channel is? And this wasn't even at the end of the day!

Here are 3 of the sandy messy ones all cleaned up, snuggling under some towels, eating some snacks.
It was a long day, but full of good memories.
Anyone want to go to the beach? We're always up for it!
 The cousins stayed a few more days - I'll work on getting some more photos together.
For now I am off to start our first day of school. 
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  1. Thanks for your wonderful hospitality! We had fun at the beach and the new guest room is terrific! Too bad the minions got out so quickly. Glad they had a great time together. We need to stop doing the dishwasher thing, though.
    C for the whole clan