Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Goodbyes and Hellos

( The company saga continued ...)
We said goodbye our visitors Monday morning. But the day before that there was a rousing game (or two) of "spoons" in the backyard;
along with some important appliance repair in the kitchen. My engineer brother-in-law (the one responsible for the river diversion at the beach) joined in with my husband to see if they could fix our broken dishwasher. A water pump problem perhaps? Whatever it is (and yes, I know G explained it to me... but those things don't stick in my mind long-term) it is expensive to fix.
So for now my dishwasher machine sits in our garage. And my dishwashers - 4 sets of precious hands - get to learn how it was in the 'olden days'. Hands on homeschooling, that's what it's all about. ;)
 Thanks for visiting Montana minions (and parents)
 And then we said HELLO to school. Ok, maybe they didn't. but I did!
It is lovely to be back on schedule. Although I didn't get done all that I wanted to in one day, the kids got through their schoolwork and had time to play in the afternoon.
The Boy left bright and early for 8th grade today. My husband reminded me that he turns 14 later this year (the boy, not the husband). And that sounds so old to me. I was 14 when I started high school. Before I know it my firstborn is going to be out the door and off to college and getting married and .... 
ok, stop and breathe. One year at a time. 
The Littlest wanted to be in on some of the camera action, but she wasn't too receptive to sitting and smiling as I needed her to. So this was the best of them all with her in it. 
Another first day of school done, on to more exciting things. Like painting.
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  1. Ha! I've known you since we were 14! How crazy is that. I won't publicly saw how long that actually is, but kind of surreal s. is the same age.