Thursday, September 13, 2012

Go green

I thought I would post a photo for you of (some of) our replacement dishwasher(s). They are sure cuter than the model that broke.
My son got his football jersey earlier this week. Of course the number has significance to him. I wasn't aware of 'who' at the time, but I have now been fully educated on it. (And yes, it has to do with a former OSU player.)

So his first game was last night. A bright sunny very warm day greeted us at the field. We were the 'away' team, so we got to sit in the tiny grandstand without shade. I only stayed for the first half because of the girls. It was their first night back to Awanas and youth group, so we made sure to get home in time for some supper and to get to the church on time. 
The Boy had a great game! He played linebacker (and maybe something else ... those terms are all a little 'fuzzy' in my mind.) And he got plenty of playing time; I was able to watch the game without cringing. For some reason it seemed that the opposing team wouldn't, or didn't know how to (?), tackle. Ok, I'm sure some parent from the other team would have words for me on that, but from my perspective our team was outdoing them on everything. Perhaps that's why the score was 66 - 0. Ouch.
This weekend will be our 5th year of running a certain 5k. G and I and the Boy are all racing this time. I'm feeling like it might be the last time I do this one. Arranging childcare when both of us are running isn't as easy as if just one parent runs, and one keeps an eye on the critters.
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  1. Next time you need to relieve yourself of children, just look to the south. The Man and I can make ourselves available almost anytime on nights or weekends for you! It would be so burdensome for us to have to entertain them. :D

  2. Thanks! We will definitely keep you in mind!