Monday, September 10, 2012

What else

We've been doing a few other things besides schoolwork around here.
I mean, we have been doing school! The first 3 days went very well. But last Friday it was (already) time for a field trip. We girls packed the Boy off to school, and the Husband off to work, and then packed the bicycles in the back of the pickup and took off. We headed up to my brother and sister-in-law's place, way out in the boonies. After much discussion, and viewing of the new chicken coop they had made, we headed off for a bike ride.
There is trail that runs near their place, we drove to the trailhead this time, since it was about 90 degrees out and all uphill from their home. After a picnic lunch we got the bikes set up and ready to go. And then I realize my brakes are not working. If it was just me - no big deal, but I had the little K in the babyseat on the back of my bike. So we spent some time fiddling and fixing and getting the brakes set. 
Finally we were off. It was beautiful along the trail. I am hoping we can go back in the fall when the leaves are turning colors. We enjoyed the bike ride, and the girls got to enjoy the creek, along with the dog.
 The girls were quite excited to show me the water snakes in the pond next to the lunch spot. I was not so excited to see them. Snakes and I .. don't like each other. At. All. But I humored the kids and looked, without running, or screaming.
 The Boy wasn't able to come along with us, since he is in school now. We kind of missed him. He has been playing football since August. The tackle kind. I have not seen one of his practices yet. I haven't even seen him in his full gear. Is it denial? Fear? Nah .. just timing, yeah that's it. He has his first game this week ... I'll try to watch without holding my breath too much and passing out.
G has been working on the house in his spare time. The girls slept upstairs last week - in the unfinished room, but still it was fun for them. And so quiet downstairs for us! G has been mostly working on the outside right now. There isn't a lot to do there, but some, to get it more weather-proof. He put up siding pieces that cover the seams where the boards meet. They are white. Our house is red. The girls like to tell everyone they are now living in a candy cane house.

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  1. next time you go on a bike trip, let me know and I'll meet up with you. sounded like lots of fun.