Saturday, September 29, 2012

Another Random

 We're working through the computer issues we have had. I think I am back to being able to blog with photos again.

Here is the birthday cake from last weekend. It's hard for me to believe my little girl is 7. Here is littlest sister peaking out from behind *some* of the gifts. 
 It's amazing how gullible a 13 year old can be sometimes. And how much my husband likes to try and trick him (and the girls) whenever he can. We were attempting to fix a cable that connects our Xbox with the TV. G had the boy semi-convinced that holding the foil on his head would help the "signal". He realized when I got the camera out that this wasn't quite the case.
  We woke up one morning to a hot air balloon nearly over our house. It was close enough we could see the forms of the people in it. I'm sure they could hear us too. Little K was pretty thrilled with the whole thing.
Later in the day she had a (homemade!) granola bar. I made them a little differently this time - surprise, surprise - with a chocolate layer on top. Tastes good, but what a mess for a little girl. Daddy wanted to preserve the moment in time. I'm sure we can use this for *something* in her teen years!
 This has been a lovely week-end. Thursday (which is the end of the week for some people!) we watched our son play his third football game and the team beat their rivals 20 to 12. That was pretty exciting. On Friday the girls and I actually made it to our homeschool PE. There was only one other child there, but at least we got out of the house! We wrapped up our Friday with family movie night. This time around we chose "Courageous". Ok, have you seen this movie?! It is ... terrific. Keep the tissue close by; it was my second time around, and I still cried.
And today I spent the morning with my oldest two at a lecture at church. Good stuff! And the afternoon I learned about different learning styles. It has made me take a second look at home I am teaching the 3 very different girls I have here at home; and also how I reach out to the 2nd graders I teach in church.
DO you know your learning style? Are you auditory? Kinesthetic? Visual? Those are only 3 of the 15 or so ways we learned about styles.

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  1. That's the hot air balloon my sister got married in! The pilot is super funny, and the crew is amazing. Not a plug or spam here, just my experience. Maybe someone was getting married right over your house this morning.