Thursday, September 20, 2012

And 9

Yesterday I talked about our 2 year old. And her foibles. Of course I thought of more once I was done.
 Anyway, our 9 year old.
She does not keep us on our toes quite like the 2 year old. Thankfully.
But in other ways, she does.
I guess parenting is like that. Not only am I constantly teaching and training these kiddos, I am constantly learning too!
Our 9 year old wants to be big like her older sister, and in some ways she is close. They both swim regularly now; whereas last year they weren't. I let them take bike rides together away from our little neighborhood. I let her babysit the little one (while I am at home).
I think our biggest hurdle with her right now is school work and attitudes. I am *still* trying to find her learning style, and her passions. She often likes what older sister likes. But I want to find out what *she* likes. I want her to know it herself and not be the follower all the time.
This girl has always been one of the helpers. Ever since she was little she liked to help when we had projects to do. She also often told me - back when she was younger - how much she liked to cook. And she loves to go to the farm IF we are picking food (The weeding part? Not so much.) So I guess one of her interests is food. She is the child who usually eats, or tries a bite of, anything we bring her way.
What I love about having so many kids - how different they all are, and yet they all share certain personality traits too.

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