Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gift from a stranger

Something unusual happened to me today.
Since the kids are at VBS all week, either helping or attending, Little K and I have been having some fun. Ok, not really 'fun' to a 3 year old, but we are getting things done! Today we hauled some more stuff out of the house and dropped it at a relative's garage sale.
Then we hauled some cans and bottles to be recycled - gotta love the Oregon .05 back deal!! I had a big bag that another relative had given me because they didn't want to be bothered with returning the cans. Free money - I don't mind!
So far, nothing out of the ordinary.
So here I am in my running clothes, hat in my hair, I didnt' think I looked too bad for 11 in the morning, since I had not even run yet! And K was dressed and happy sitting in the grocery cart handing my cans to recycle. Along comes this older man and he sticks out his hand and says, "You dropped this." Um, what? He is handing me a $20! I told him oh no, it wasn't me. He insisted I had dropped it, and pushed it into my hands! He did it with a smile and all, so it wasn't creepy in any way. But, wow, what a nice surprise!

And another kind of gift this week. My neighbor asked me to water and take care of her basil plant for her while she was on vacation. I have never had live herbs at my house, so I thought, Why not? So I have been snipping leaves and cutting basil into different dishes I make for dinner. Oh my, the smell of fresh basil. The taste of fresh basil! It is delicious! I might just have to get my own plant once my neighbor comes home! I might even get some other live herbs!

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  1. Herbs are easy to grow in my experience, but hard to contain. It is seriously cool to run out to the garden at Thanksgiving and snip out my sage and thyme, and then to pull the garlic out. Love it. Carolynp