Sunday, June 23, 2013

In My Corner

In my corner of the world this week....
I made pillows. I had two leftover fleece, king sized pillow cases. Instead of spending mucho bucks for pillows, I bought some forms at the fabric store, made a casing with leftover fabric I have had for years, and now the kids have some big pillows to use for reading or watching TV. Feeling crafty and frugal.
The girls held a lemonade stand fundraiser for two days this week. They are raising funds to help our friends get to Uganda on a missionary trip. They spent the past couple of days or weeks (?) making little crafty things - jewelry, cards, knitting items; then they set up a lemonade and cookie stand, along with their crafts, to sell to anyone who came by. They even put signs up around the neighborhood to advertise. I love their ingenuity and the fact that they didn't just ask me for money. They thought of this all on their own.
I ran for the first time in over a week. Mornings have been just too busy! What!? This is summer, crazy busy actually. During the school year, most days and weeks have a certain schedule to them, and I can plan my runs. But in the summertime, there is no real schedule, but there is sure a lot going on. At least I got a 6 mile hike in that no-run week. I'm thinking of running another half-marathon this fall, along with some short races this summer with our Boy.
I showed the older three kids how to make homemade bread. Thankfully my recipe is for a 3-loaf batch, so they all got to try their hand at kneading and shaping a loaf. My long-term goal for this summer is to have each of them make dinner from beginning to end, without my help. This was the first step.
We picked the first of the peas and potatoes this weekend, along with blackberries. I'm making a pie today - G's favorite is Marionberry pie. I love being able to go to the farm now and have snacks from the garden!
I had our first Bible study at our house this week. Even though half the group couldn't make it, the other half had a great time discussing the book we are going through. It's called Lies Women Believe, and the truth that sets them free. I have a feeling we'll be having some emotional discussions, and possibly some disagreements later in the book. But it has definitely opened my eyes to a new perspective on the world around me.In 3 different instances within this one week, I have been made aware that what we see on the outside isn't always a reflection of what is happening on the inside. Someone might appear to have it all together, and be doing fine, but inside, in their own homes, that isn't the case.
This next week is going to be time with Little K week. The older kids are all helping or attending VBS, so I am going to get some good one on one time with my littlest. We'll be planning for a camping trip, doing some clothes shopping  - Little K is outgrowing everything! and probably some short trips to the farm.

Quotes from the week:
Swim Girl: "Whose turn is it to knead?"
The Boy: "I need candy!"

Miss M. "Your home fries are better than any restaurant ones." (melt me)

Miss M. again "Did you know it's fun to ride in a wheelbarrow?"  (yep, that's my farm girl!)

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  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting! I appreciate your prayers and words of encouragement! I hope you will continue to stop by! And, just a side note: WOW! You are one busy lady!! Sounds like such a full scheduled and heart-full summer! What a great blessing!