Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vision quest

The Princess can see! She got her glasses earlier this week, and the first thing she said, "I can see!" And then she went on to point out all the words and objects she could see that had looked like big blobs of color before. A whole new world opened up to her.
We've been spending a lot of time on the farm. At least it feels like it. My son has taken to cutting the sleeves of his (old) shirts to wear to the farm. He gets on the bike and takes off down the dirt road. The one time I did NOT have my camera, he was wearing the same outfit, but with tall black rubber boots. Perhaps we're making a farm boy out of him after all. The girls like to go out and shoot their guns there, but I've been getting some resistance to weeding lately. I smile inwardly and force the minions onward.

School is winding down. The girls are trudging on to the end here. We'll have most everything wrapped up this week, with just a couple of loose ends (certain subjects like math!) to finish next week. The Boy has his last day of 8th grade today. It's Finals week, so at least he has been pretty relaxed this week. 
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