Friday, June 7, 2013

Movin' On Up

Our son has completed the first half of his academic education. 8 years of school - most at home, 1/4 of it at a school. The Boy's graduation ceremony was last night; what a fun night that turned out to be! 
Traffic was a bear, but we made it just in time - (which meant our little wiggly3 year old didn't have to sit quite as long in a seat and behave). 
The grandparents came along to cheer, which always makes it special. 
There was some great music provided by the middle school. 
And yes, I had to use a tissue to wipe away some tears.
When they announced the winner of the special scholarship - my heart started pounding, my vision got a little blurry - that was our son's name being called!! 

As I told him later, it wasn't just his awesome grades that won this scholarship. It was the person he is, the servant of Christ that he is, that won this scholarship.

After the ceremony, the rest of us headed home while the students went to a special class party. We had our own party! Ice cream and popcorn - and some entertainment by a 3 year old.
A better ending to the week than the beginning - when our little black dog tangled with a skunk.
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