Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Book review

I am often in search of a good book to read. And it often depends on my mood and what is happening in my world at the time. Occasionally I will pick one up that I think I am not going to like, and then I am pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoy the book. "The Virginian" was a book like that. My friend recommended it to me, and trusting her opinion, I checked it out from the library and read it. Slowly. Savoringly. Imaginatively. It was that kind of book - an old one and a good one.
This past week I was in need of another good read. I don't have a lot of time to read, but I like to ponder a few pages before bedtime. So I grabbed a book by Melody Carlson titled "Finding Alice".
And I could not put it down!
It follows a college-age girl down her path of increasing schizophrenia. The author writes from Alice's viewpoint and gives the reader insight into the mind of someone with this mental disorder. Because I have a relative whom I care a lot about that has been diagnosed with this same disorder, I was fascinated by the parallels between the character and my relative. I kept hoping that the end of the book would give me some answers on how to help this person I know. I even went as far as to email the author! (something I have never done.)
The story also grabbed me because the author set it in Oregon. I always love books set in my home state, mostly because I can really picture the settings as I read.
And I guess I also liked it because it wasn't the typical 'love' story. As much as I enjoy a good romance, it is not a genre I want to read all the time. And this book, "Finding Alice", definitely wasn't one of those.

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