Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Title

There were many different options to title this post. The title is such an important piece of the writing. Get the wrong title, and nobody reads it. Most English teachers might tell you the opening sentence needs to be the grabber, but I think the title needs to grab you first. And this is why I didn't put one on this post. Because there are so many I could have used! Here's a few for you to pick from:
Wonder twins - activate!
A New Life
Goodbye 15
And there was much rejoicing.

So can you tell we're going through something big around here? Did the titles tell you anything?
For two years or so, we have been praying for a change in job for the Mr.
His weeks and weeks of traveling for work were getting really old; along with some other headaches that his job brought. We had a taste of a possible new job last summer, but that one fell through and we really wrestled with accepting God's will at that point. But we kept at it; we kept praying, and he kept searching.
And something happened! The Mr. landed a new job - we don't have to move, and we get a little bump in pay. It is quite an exciting deal; we're going to have to celebrate at some point. Maybe once he has filled out the rest of his allotted time with the employer he has been with for 15 years ....

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